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“Despite the “amateur” status due Dean Cobin since he does not earn his living from his passionate pursuit of photography, one would be hard-pressed to find anything remotely amateur about his process and approach to photography. Entirely self-taught, there is nothing that could be recognized as anything less than complete dedication to the highest ideals of the historic masters and their present-day peers he emulates. He pursues mindful photography because it’s a deeply felt, integral part of the man he is.

Photography is my passion, a labor of love, and a vision to share with the world. It is a moment in time captured forever; an image recorded as a part of history living on for eternity. “

Others in the world of photography have recognized Dean’s extraordinary talent for capturing a bit of “eternity now” by publishing and bestowing numerous awards for his work. The roster includes a virtual list of the most respected names in photography like Outdoor Photographer, Adirondack Life, National Geographic’s Your Shot, Landscape Photography Magazine, and the UK’s Digital Photographer.”

Tom Gramegna – Director, Gallery 270